On November 4, 2022, Enola Holmes 2 starring Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, and Louis Partridge premiered on Netflix. This wildly anticipated movie is described as thrilling, nail-biting, and captivating. Directed by Harry Bradbeer, it follows the life of Enola Holmes (Millie Bobby Brown), sister of the infamous Sherlock Holmes (Henry Cavill). Enola was not raised like other girls in Victorian England. She grew up being taught by her mother (Helena Bonham Carter) how to fight, solve puzzles, and to be observant of her surroundings. Enola uses these skills to solve mysteries just like her brother.
After her adventure in the first movie, Enola Holmes, Enola is ready to set up her own detective agency to desperately get out of her brother’s shadow. Unfortunately for her, people are only interested in hiring Sherlock. Even though she is a great detective, nobody wants to hire some teenage girl to solve their case.

One day though, as Enola was closing up the agency for good, a young girl walks in. The girl introduces herself as Bessie, and says her sister, Sarah, has gone missing. After traveling to where the girl lives, Enola takes the case– she had already survived a crazy murderer granny, so how hard could a missing person’s case be? Well, apparently it is extremely hard.

Throughout her adventure, Enola gains the help of her mother (who breaks her out of jail), Sherlock (whose own case seems to be connected to hers,) and Viscount Tewkesbury, (the ever so charming lord whose life she has saved on numerous occasions). With their help, Enola gets closer and closer to solving the case, but will that be enough? Will the mysterious man stop her before she can find Sarah? Will Enola make it out of this alive?

Enola Holmes 2 explores the working conditions and lack of respect women had in the early 1900’s.  On her adventure, Enola comes across a match factory where women are forced to work in harsh, dangerous conditions for little pay.  It also displays how much women had to rely on men long ago because they couldn’t be heard without a man at their side. There is a scene in the movie where Enola is trying to speak to a man to gain information, but cannot because she doesn’t have a man accompanying her.

One thing Enola Holmes 2 doesn’t focus on enough is the injustices of people of color. There is a lot of talk about the uprise of feminism but not a lot on racial inequality. Most of the characters in the movie are caucasian, and a select few are African American women. Their struggles with how society back then saw the color of their skin seems to be almost ignored or forgotten about.

For young, aspiring people today, Enola Holmes is a great role model. She breaks stereotypes and social norms, and uses her skills to help others. When there is a problem, she uses her resources to conquer it. Hopefully, there will be more of Enola Holmes to come in the near future for the hopeful viewers out there.