Recently, the United Nations announced a new plan to slow down and eventually stop global warming. As the scientists suggested, the earth is currently entering a perilous stage. Another 1.5-celsius degree rise of the global temperature will lead to the irreversible destruction of the earth. Negative events, such as rising sea levels and an increasing number and intensity of natural disasters like hurricanes and wildfires, are expected to happen if the world continues to warm. Global warming matters to all of us, as it has the potency to end civilization

Unfortunately, that is not the case. Despite data has clearly shown that human activity is always the leading factor of such rapid and drastic change in climate, the vast majority of the people either do not recognize what is actually happening or simply deny the authentic truth for different reasons. At many places in the world, selfish businesses spend way more time and effort on making profits than taking care of the environment. Governments sometimes even support these companies instead of imposing regulations. Ignorant people do not care about the environment, as every day seems the same to them. Every day is perfectly fine.

However, according to research, there are about 12 years left for the world to fulfill this arduous task. The world, as a whole, needs to cut the emission of gas by 45 percent to reach the objective. Global warming has been occurring for decades, but we must not wait until the last minute. People need to be more aware, and actions need to be taken by governments and businesses as soon as possible. We all must mobilize, as we will never ever be able to afford the ultimate consequence.