On September 15, 2017, North Korea launched a missile over Japan for the second time in a month. Tensions have risen significantly between North Korea and the US since the launching.

President Trump was swift to respond with a threat to “totally destroy” North Korea facing the UN General. This comment was taken seriously by the North Korean side, as a total destruction would mean the life of approximately 25 million people being taken away.

Harsh comments have been persistently being exchanged. . For instance, Kim Jong Un referred to Trump’s words as a sign of his “mentally deranged behavior” while Trump said that Kim Jong Un was a “Rocket Man” on a “suicide mission”. While this can be taken as an indication that both countries were forcing negotiation, neither party has agreed to any concessions.

As insults were deemed futile, Trump issued economic sanctions aimed to cut down North Korea’s international trades to hinder further nuclear development. Other countries including China, the biggest economic supporter of the regime, have supported these sanctions. However the full actualization of China’s support has come into question: observers have alleged that Chinese trade ships have been covertly trading with North Korea under a disguise.

So far the tension continues to rise, and Trump has still not put his foot down. However, while refusing to say how, he did promise safety to the general public. Whether the trade ban will or will not bring North Korea to the negotiation table still remains in question, one thing is for sure: America needs to utilize its military resources to prevent any harm of its citizens and prevent nuclear war.

Featured Image: http://www.cnn.com/2017/08/09/politics/north-korea-donald-trump/index.html