• Saudi Arabia’s Latest Citizen
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    Meet Sophia. Saudi Arabia’s newest citizen. She is intelligent, speaks perfect english and has even made an appearance on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. Seems Normal Enough? Well, not so much actually; she is a humanoid robot. On Wednesday, October the 25th, Saudi Arabia became the first country in the world to give country […]

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  • Jibo: A Robot You Can Trust
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    Robots are becoming more and more capable each day. They can now do many things, from walking to making complex decisions. Currently, the most advanced robot on the market is one named Jibo. Jibo is a personal robot, but nothing like the other personal ones you see around. Others like Google Home and Amazon Echo […]

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  • Facial Recognition is the Future
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    After a long wait, finally on November 3, 2017, Apple released the new iPhone X. The new product denotes the 10th year of the iPhone. It comes with new, groundbreaking technology, including the lack of a home button facial recognition software. While facial recognition technology has been around for quite a while now, it was […]

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  • iPhone 8 Flops in China
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    The iPhone 8’s release day drew no crowds in China. There is very little enthusiasm from the Chinese consumer for the iPhone 8; there were little to no lines in front of stores when it was released. Their underperformance heralds an uncertain future for Apple where, despite their marketing efforts, people do not want to […]

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  • Silicon Valley Deathtrap
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    The tech sector has been booming for years. It started with the greats: Apple, Microsoft and Google. Yet over time it seems to be on the decline, companies with great ideas yet no substance are popping up everywhere. Silicon Valley California, who has a history with causing market crashes, is the hotspot for tech start […]

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  • SpaceX – An Innovator of Future Space Programs
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    The name Elon Musk often reminds people of those Tesla motors that swoosh past their houses without making much noise. In recent years, Elon Musk has emerged as one of America’s most prestigious IT leaders just like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. The Tesla Motors, known for their powerful electric engine and cutting-edge autopilot systems, […]

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  • Is Tesla Entering Self-Destruct Mode?
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    Tesla recently announced their final version of the Model 3 sedan and it has people all over the world jumping up and down with tears of joy. It is hard to say the exact pre-order number, but as of April 1st there were about 276,000 orders for the Model 3. That number is expected to […]

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