• iPhone 8 Flops in China
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    The iPhone 8’s release day drew no crowds in China. There is very little enthusiasm from the Chinese consumer for the iPhone 8; there were little to no lines in front of stores when it was released. Their underperformance heralds an uncertain future for Apple where, despite their marketing efforts, people do not want to […]

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  • The U.S. vs. The World
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    Based on his previous statements regarding climate regulation, the general consensus is that Donald J. Trump will to leave the Paris Climate Accord. If the United States does withdraw, they will be joining Syria and Nicaragua as the only countries to not partake in the agreement. President Trump made many remarks during his campaign that […]

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  • Swiss Like Chocolate, but not Nuclear Plants
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    Swiss voters voted to keep their nuclear power plants running on November 27, 2016. The vote was on to close the country’s five power plants after almost 45 years in operation. The Swiss Green Party attempted to close down these power plants because they felt that that the power plants, that were made in the […]

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  • Samsung Note 7, The End
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    On October 11, 2016, Samsung announced that it will discontinue the production and the sales of the Note 7 as the refurbished ones were able to catch on fire and explode. The Korean technology giant has been competing with Apple for a while now. The Note 7 was a great rival to the iPhone series […]

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