• Poem: In that More is What is Want
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    Corporeal desire in disheveled hair Mild optical fixtures And early morning brunch, floor mattresses   The youth of 21st century compartica is but a series of idealizations Manifested in the banalities of a less than attainable series of transferences   Cheap penguin paperback Lost lead pencils Black coffee half cup Dancing tip toe, fingers intertwined […]

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  • Death of a Salesman
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    A decade ago on an unassuming patio in Claremont, California, dangling, putrid 6-hour meat—rigor mortis—from a noose meticulously, self-consciously tied is David. Recluse in the block, momentary 21st century celebrity, fish in literary stock. The sardonic buzzing of californian aphid population hums around the carcass. On the carcass’ desk is his in-progress work The Pale […]

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