• Andrew Yang and Universal Basic Income
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    Among all the president candidates in 2020, Andrew Yang stands out as the only person of Asian descent running as a Democrat. Although he is an entrepreneur instead of a career politician, he uses this to his advantage as he claimed that he will save the US’s future economy. He approaches future economic issues through […]

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  • The “Selfish” Gene
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    Survival has been the exclusive factor which caused species’ development and evolution. Starting from billions of years ago, when life emerged for the first time, species have been evolving themselves to be “selfish” in order to compete against others for resources, space and ultimately, survival. One of the biggest contributors to this process is definitely […]

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How Partisan Politics are Shaping the Future Through Education

It’s not a national secret that the quality of public education is unequal across the United States. While the U.S. Department of Education directs federal financial aid, collects data on American schools, and advocates for equal access to education across the nation, the federal government only provides for about 8 percent of the total capital spent on education every year, making states responsible for the majority of financing. Read more →

Howdy’s Homemade Ice Cream: A Store Making a Difference

Tom Landis' "Howdy Homemade Ice Cream" in University Park, Texas is famous for not only their friendly customer service but also their best employees. The entire store and process was created to accommodate people with different abilities. For example, the cash register only accepts bills, simplifying the process of different transactions. Read more →

“Two in Four People are Jewish”

“Two in four people in Brooklyn are Jewish”; that is not a definite fact, but it’s a figure of speech my grandmother claims to be true. She repeats this phrase as a hope, as a reminder, as a prayer, as if in some way saying it makes it true. Read more →