Meet the Management


Matt Walsh || Editor-in-chief

Matt Walsh is a V Form day student from Southborough, Massachusetts. He is a member of the Model U.N. club, edits for LEO, leads Openly Secular, plays trumpet, and leads the Young Democrats club. Matt is a hot sauce connoisseur and loves Tabasco. In his free time, he enjoys running, sailing, skiing, and playing with his dog, Portia. He plays baseball and runs cross country, and his academic interests include chemistry, biology, Spanish, and government. He hopes that The Parkman Post can be a hub for intellectual thought, ideological diversity and meaningful debate.



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Tom Paugh || Chief Operating Officer

Tom Paugh is a 16 year old from Wayland, MA and a member of the St. Mark’s Class of 2019. Tom is actively involved in St. Mark’s student life as a Dorm Prefect, Pathways Prefect, member of the St. Mark’s Model UN, Admission Prefect, and Peer Tutor. He is also currently pursuing a classics diploma from St. Mark’s as well. He aspires to get a degree in Business Management/Entrepreneurship so that he can start his own company. Tom has a strong passion for serving his community, and has completed stints at the Boys and Girls Club in Marlborough, MA, as well as volunteering at Brantwood Camp in Peterborough, NH. In addition to his academics, he enjoys playing soccer, hockey, and golf. In his free time, Tom likes to spend time with family, travel, and enjoy the outdoors.

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f408336754a023d2c429e7885f9ce532Antonio Banson || Managing Editor

Antonio Banson is a 17 year old from Hopkinton, MA and is a member of the Class of 2018 at St. Mark’s School in Southborough, MA. He plans to expand his start up business and pursue his dreams in becoming a doctor. In addition, he plans to be an owner of multiple businesses worldwide. He takes his academics seriously and takes advantage of creating a strong network of business partners. Antonio is looking very bright and he is looking to help out his community in anyway he can. He has done a great amount of volunteer work at the Senior Center in Hopkinton, Habitat for Humanity, and End Hunger New England. Antonio enjoys playing basketball and golf for his school as well as assisting others with academic help or technology assistance. Additionally, he is the Editor in chief of his school’s newspaper. Also, you can always find him in church on Sunday mornings. By being a journalist, Antonio will inform others about pressing topics and provide different perspectives on issues surrounding our world today.

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2b41b71ea154481245baa9a8d1a2b7b0Colin Capenito || Managing Editor

Colin Capenito is a 17 year old from Worcester, MA and is a member of the St. Mark’s School Class of 2019. He sees St. Mark’s as a great doorway to many new opportunities. He has been interested in filmmaking and writing ever since he was very young, and is constantly looking for ways to improve his skills in both areas. He plans to get a degree in filmmaking and hopes to one day be able to move to Hollywood and accomplish his dream of making movies. Some of his other interests include computer science, robotics, baseball, and traveling. He is always looking for new challenges that will shape his future.


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Sanjna Patel || Chief Marketing Officer

Sanjna Patel is 16 year old boarding student at St. Mark’s School, and a part of the graduating class of 2019. She is originally from Danvers, Massachusetts where she lives with her family. She aspires to attain a dual degree in both Business and Law, and possibly minor in Political Science. She truly enjoys traveling the world and being able to have different cultural experiences. Sanjna currently writes for the St.Marker, is a global ambassador, part of the Model U.N.  and a peer tutor. She enjoys playing lacrosse, skiing and being able to spend time with family and friends. She is excited for a great year with numerous experiences and opportunities!


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Reid Monahan || Head Economist

Reid Monahan is a 17 year old from Concord, Massachusetts. He is a member of the St. Mark’s Class of 2019. He plans on pursuing a career in venture capital, software development and other investments. He intends on a major in economics and a minor in computer science. Some other interests include: squash, golf and computer science.



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Luc Coté || Technology and Layout Manager

Luc Coté is a 16 year old Junior at St. Mark’s School. In his free time Luc enjoys coding, building things, politics, and grilling. Luc is a self-proclaimed grill master, a member of Students for Sustainability, an enthusiastic Peer Tutor, and co-founder of the Young Independents club. Luc hopes to soon start a Coding Club at St. Mark’s as well. Academically, Luc is an involved and passionate student with interests in Computer Science, Math, Physics, Engineering, and History. Luc joined the Parkman Post to combine his enjoyment of politics with his love for STEM.

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Cyrus Motakef || Social Media Manager

Cyrus Motakef is a 16 year old student from Weston, Massachusetts, and is graduating from St. Mark’s in Southborough in 2019. He plans to get his degree in Biochemistry and an MBA. Cyrus’s main interests are computer science, chemistry, and biology. He takes part in Model UN, Debate Club, and Astronomy Club. Cyrus is using the advantages of St. Mark’s to better himself and his community.

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