Meet the Team


Matt Walsh || Editor-in-chief

Matt Walsh is a VI Form day student from Southborough, Massachusetts. He leads Openly Secular, plays trumpet and French horn, and leads the young Democrats club. His academic interests include public policy, political science, and chemistry, and he plays baseball and runs cross country. In his free time, he curates Spotify playlists and pets his dog, Portia. Matt hopes that The Parkman Post can be a hub for intellectual thought, ideological diversity and meaningful debate.




Tom Paugh || Chief Operating Officer

Tom Paugh is a VI Former from Wayland, MA. Tom has been actively involved in St. Mark’s student life as a monitor, house prefect, admissions prefect, Pathways prefect, and peer tutor. He is also currently pursuing a classics diploma from St. Mark’s as well. He aspires to get a degree in Business Management/Entrepreneurship so that he can start his own company. Tom has a strong passion for serving his community, and has completed stints at the Boys and Girls Club in Marlborough, MA, as well as volunteering at Brantwood Camp in Peterborough, NH. In addition to his academics, he enjoys playing soccer, hockey, and golf. In his free time, Tom likes to spend time with family, travel, and enjoy the outdoors.


2b41b71ea154481245baa9a8d1a2b7b0Colin Capenito || Podcast Editor

Colin Capenito is an 18 year old from Worcester, MA and is a member of the St. Mark’s School Class of 2019. He sees St. Mark’s as a great doorway to many new opportunities. He has been interested in filmmaking and writing ever since he was very young, and is constantly looking for ways to improve his skills in both areas. He plans to get a degree in filmmaking and hopes to one day be able to move to Hollywood and accomplish his dream of making movies. Some of his other interests include computer science, robotics, baseball, and traveling. He is always looking for new challenges that will shape his future.

Luc Coté || Technology and Layout Manager

Luc Coté is a 17 year old senior at St. Mark’s School. In his free time Luc enjoys coding, building things, politics, and grilling. Luc is a self-proclaimed grill master, a member of Students for Sustainability, an enthusiastic Peer Tutor, and co-founder of the Young Independents club. Luc hopes to soon start a Coding Club at St. Mark’s as well. Academically, Luc is an involved and passionate student with interests in Computer Science, Math, Physics, Engineering, and History. Luc joined the Parkman Post to combine his enjoyment of politics with his love for STEM.




Julian Yang || Social Media Manager

Julian Yang is a boarding student from North Chelmsford, MA, and a member of the V form at St. Mark’s. He plays saxophone and has a strong interest in aviation. Julian has been playing hockey since the age of 5, and is an avid Boston Bruins fan. He hopes to share his interests in aviation, technology, sports, and global issues with the Parkman Post.




Kendall Sommers || Staff Writer

Kendall Sommers is a freshman day student from Southborough, Massachusetts. She runs cross-country and will be trying squash and crew this year. She is also a tour guide and participates in Students for Sustainability, GSA and St. Marguerite’s Partnership. She loves trying new types of writing, painting and playing with her two dogs. Kendall’s favorite thing to do is volunteer at Special Olympics and work with kids. She can’t wait to be a part of the Parkman Post and find a voice in her community.


Cyrus Motakef || Staff Writer

Cyrus Motakef is a 18 year old student from Weston, Massachusetts, and is graduating from St. Mark’s in Southborough in 2019. He plans to get his degree in Biochemistry and an MBA. Cyrus’s main interests are computer science, chemistry, and biology. He takes part in Model UN, Debate Club, and Astronomy Club. Cyrus is using the advantages of St. Mark’s to better himself and his community.




Jenny Tang || Staff Writer

Jenny Tang is a 16 year old boarder from Sunnyvale, California. She loves learning about anything and everything, with a special passion for math and science, philosophy, and visual art. Her perfect afternoon involves chocolate, jazz music, and a good intellectual discussion. She may or may not study UX Design in college and hopes to change the world with her knowledge.



Ryan Yang || Staff Writer

Ryan Yang is VI form student from Singapore. He hopes to pursue a career in business, but is currently more interested in getting more involved the Ecommerce sector, specifically, in marketplace creation. He has been working on his own social enterprise venture, Empowering People In Cambodia (EPIC). He hopes that his work in the future will allow him to give back and improve the lives of the Southeast Asian communities. Ryan is also an ardent fan of Arsenal Football Club, and enjoys spending time with his family and dog, Dolce.





Gunnar Vachris || Staff Writer

Gunnar Vachris is a VI Form Boarding Student from Southborough Massachusetts. He has a deep passion for sports, classic rock, and Yodels. As a Head Admissions Prefect, Special Olympics Volunteer, and former Peer Discussion Leader, Gunnar enjoys working with people and educating them about the elements of St. Mark’s School. He strives to lead a life of leadership and service, hoping to positively impact the people around him.


Rick Sarkar || Staff Writer

Rick Sarkar is a boarding student from Winchester, MA and a member of the St. Mark’s class of 2019. He enjoys writing and is a layout editor for The St. Marker (the school newspaper) as well as a part of the St. Mark’s panel of The Tavern, an interscholastic thoughts-paper. Rick is also a founder and head of the Young Independent’s Club. He loves to run and is a part of the cross country and JV hockey teams at St. Mark’s. He plays trombone and is a member of the jazz band. Rick is passionate about learning and has an interest in government, public policy, and economics. He is optimistic about the future and looks forward to working tirelessly to make the most of his time at St. Mark’s.


Olivia Hammond || Staff Writer

Olivia is a senior from Framingham, MA. Her passion is art, although she’s not exactly an artist. She can be found perusing memes, reading online magazines, and cuddling with her adorable dog. Learning about new things is one of Olivia’s favorite things, which is why she’s so excited to join the Parkman Post! She hopes to explore interesting meaningful topics and share them with the community.




Chris Bok || Staff Writer

Christopher Bok is a freshman from New York, born in Suwon, South Korea. As a newcomer at St. Mark’s this year, Chris is trying out as many opportunities as he can to find out what he really likes. Chris is mainly interested in soccer, biology, and philosophy. He enjoys reading dystopian novels like 1984 by George Orwell, even though he tries to be optimistic all the time. Being is his second year contributing for a newspaper club, Chris is trying his best to share his thoughts as clearly as possible with Parkman Post.



Jack Cai || Social Media Manager

Jack Cai is a IV Former at St. Mark’s School from Shanghai, China. He is a passionate golf player and guitar player. He is a photographer as well as a student in behavioral psychology, social psychology and philosophy.






Leo Xie || Events Committee

Leo Xie is a 18-year-old student from Shanghai China, and a member of the class of 2019 from St. Mark’s School. He loves running and playing squash, basketball, and tennis. Leo has a strong interest in market analysis and he spent last summer studying that at Columbia University. At St. Mark’s, Leo is involved in Student for Sustainability and St. Marguerite’s partnership as his major commitments. He also loves music and plays in a jazz band as the bassist.



Kian Sahani || Pollster

Kian is a 16 year old day student in the graduating class of 2020 from Sudbury MA. He enjoys playing tennis, squash, and golf, and he also enthralls himself in the French language and culture. He is a peer tutor and a tour guide at SM. He loves a good debate, and he always makes sure his ideas are heard. He is always accepting of all ideas and opinions, big or small. He currently thrives in STEM and he plans to go into medicine and eventually specialize in dentistry. He hopes to take his dad’s company farther than anyone thought possible.



Oliver Tian || Staff Writer

Oliver is a real human being. He is a male. He is a sixteen-year-old sophomore. He is from Shanghai, China. He is interested in literally everything, with probably a little bit more interest in the environmental science, cultures, and historical events.




Sky Davis || Staff Writer

Sky Davis is a 16-year-old V former from Hopkinton, MA. Kitchens don’t tend to like her, but she’s a strong believer that food can fix almost anything, and a mutual love of pizza is a great way to start a friendship. In her free time, she can be found writing, taking photos (of anything and everything), or hanging out with her dogs (who are better than most people).






Kartik Donepudi || Staff Writer
Kartik is a new sophomore at St. Mark’s School. He lives in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts and is a boarding student. He enjoys rowing, watching movies, and reading about current events. He is a member of St. Mark’s A Capella and enjoys singing for the school choir. In his free time, Kartik likes to work out with friends. This year, Kartik hopes to be a thoughtful contributor to the Parkman Post and create content which highlights unique perspectives on the news.

Connor Browder || Staff Writer
Connor Browder is a 17 year old from Greenwich, Connecticut. He is a member of the St. Mark’s Class of 2019. He plans on pursuing a career in bio-engineering, software development, and entrepreneurship. He intends on getting a major in Biomedical Engineering and a minor in computer science. Some other interests include squash, golf, computer programming, and cross country.
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