Meet the Team



Chris Bok || Editor-in-Chief

Christopher Bok is a V Form boarding student from New York City. He enjoys playing soccer, traveling without an itinerary, and taking a nap in central park with his dog “Poppy”. Chris is also one of the leaders of Eastern Religion Fellowship, an admissions prefect, and the Coolidge dorm prefect. Being his fourth year contributing and second year managing a newspaper club, Chris is looking forward to leading and sharing his thoughts via The Parkman Post.






Chris Yang || Managing Editor

Chris Yang is a boarding student from Singapore and a member of the St. Mark’s class of 2021. Chris loves sports, and plays on the tennis, squash and soccer teams at St. Mark’s. Academically, Chris enjoys the sciences, math and history. At St. Mark’s, Chris is a House Prefect, tour guide and a member of the Students for Sustainability. Through the Parkman Post, Chris hopes to share his interests in sustainability, new technologies and issues affecting developing countries and indigenous communities.






Oliver Tian || Managing Editor

Oliver is a real human being. He is a male. He is an eighteen-year-old senior. He is from Shanghai, China. He is interested in literally everything, with probably a little bit more interest in environmental science, cultures, and historical events.






Sunny Li || Managing Editor

Sunny Li is a V former at St.Mark’s School. She comes from Shenzhen, a southern city in China. She is a big fan of small things in life such as milk tea on a Saturday night, taking selfies on her Mac, and cup noodles before study halls. Sunny is the co-head of debate club and boardgame club. She is also a tour guide and peer tutor at St.Mark’s School. She has great interest in historical events and social sciences. Despite her quiet personality, Sunny enjoys expressing her opinions. She looks forward to sharing her perspectives through her contribution to the Parkman Post.






Sydni Williams || Marketing Director

Sydni Williams is a writer, actress, and learner from Framingham, Massachusetts. She is strong believer of appreciating the little things in life like sunsets, boxes of chocolate, and ice cream on a hot day. Despite her loyalty to these timeless cliches, Sydni would more accurately describe herself as a realist in love with the literary arts. Sydni spends most of her time reading dramas, writing poems, and participating in the St. Marks plays. The Parkman post allows Sydni to pursue a different passion for journalism and write freely about her thoughts.






Ning Zhang || Marketing Director

Ningbo. Architect. Artist. Musician. League of Legends player.













Andrew Hung || Staff Writer

Andrew Hung is a junior at St Marks from Tustin, California. Andrew enjoys reading fantasy and dystopian fiction. In his free time he enjoys gaming, particularly playing Overwatch. He is interested in technology, economics, and politics.








Galen Deane || Staff Writer

Galen Deane is currently a 5th former, at St. Mark’s. When not at school, he lives in Long Island, New York with his family. While, in his free time he likes to play tennis and sail. Galen continues to enjoy the creative freedom that goes along with being a writer for the Parkman Post.











Judy Xie || Staff Writer

Judy is a fourth form boarder from Belmont, Massachusetts. She has lived in Massachusetts her entire life and loves the seasonal weather. Her favorite classes are English and Religion as she enjoys learning about and discussing world issues and social justice. In her free time, Judy likes to go on walks, hang out with friends, and take naps.





Ingrid Yeung || Staff Writer

Ingrid is an IV form student at St. Mark’s School. She is from Hong Kong, but she studied in mainland China before coming to St. Mark’s. She likes to travel and eat food from different places around the world, as well as explore new places with her friends. Ingrid is a co-head of the MUN club this year, and she enjoys reading about current events. She looks forward to writing again for the Parkman Post this year and expressing her opinion on current issues.





Coco Xia || Staff Writer

Keyao (Coco) Xia is a III form boarding student (if there is no pandemic) from Shanghai, China. One fun fact about her is that she loves animals. She keeps a lot of pets including hamsters, fish, birds, salamanders, etc. She is working really hard to take good care of her animal friends and make sure they do not die! In her free time, she also loves to read and her favorite book during this past summer is The Great Influenza by John M. Barry. She is interested in many science subjects such as genetics, biology, zoology, etc., and is looking forward to further exploring them in the future. She is hoping to contribute a lot to the Parkman Post!
Kelly Yang || Staff Writer
Kelly Yang is a composer, musicologist from Shanghai, China. She is dedicated to ethnomusicology, especially the field of Chinese music theory. She is the founder of Chinese musicology dictionary website, and is currently editing the Chinese version of the Ancient Greek music theory book Harmonics by Aristoxenus. Just like what Richard Wagner said: ““Music is the inarticulate speech of the heart, which cannot be compressed into words, because it is infinite.” Music is her spirit and her forever confidant. Using the language of music, she explores the world in a different lens, giving her a completely different view toward current political and global events.
Sullivan Sun || Staff Writer
Sullivan is 15. He is a IV form boarder at St. Mark’s School in Southborough, Massachusetts. Born in Shanghai and bred in Hong Kong, Sullivan loves to discover more about anything. He also enjoys life with family and basketball. Some academic subjects of interest are classic languages and history. Through The Parkman Post platform, Sullivan aspires to contribute ideas and learn from fellow young writers.
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