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Dear Ana is a platform for viewers to anonymously seek advice and/or a person to talk to. Please freely, but anonymously, comment a question or a concern, and Ana will shortly come to help you. Ana‘s personal information is also hidden; the only information he/she is willing to share is that Ana is a senior in college, not associated with St. Mark’s School, where The Parkman Post‘s headquarter is located. The Parkman Post is yearning to do everything we can to help people through this difficult time, so we have decided to newly launch the following platform.

*Should you have any concern that you do not want to share publicly even with your name hidden, please don’t hesitate to contact Ana will still be there for you.

*You do not need to submit your email address when commenting just for this page; please simply put “”


  1. Anonymous

    I am not sure what I should do in terms of preparing for college. Everything after Covid basically shut down, so I don’t have any extracurricular activities. I’m honestly confused of what I want to do, what to study when I go to college, or how to figure out anything about me. What made you know who you are?

  2. JS

    I have too much homework.
    My girlfriend is not helping me at all…
    Academics vs Love….

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