Why Generation Z Is Changing The World

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Generation Z is one that will change the world. The up and coming Generation Z  includes people born between the year 1995 and 2010. This group of people are almost completely composed of students, who have been educated and have grown up in the age of technology. The internet was made accessible in 1995 and the use of it was integrated into school systems quickly. By the time the oldest gen-Zers hit middle school, early social media was up and running. The way children grew up in generations past included biking to each other’s houses, trading comic books and being “home before dark”. Nowadays, it seems like parents are becoming more involved in their children’s lives.The reality of this may be because people are more aware of the dangers of the outside world. However it may also be that people always knew, but did not have a platform to speak out on it.

The March for Our Lives was almost exclusively orchestrated by members of Gen Z–and they couldn’t have done it without social media. (Photo via Getty Images)

People nowadays can post a video, tweet, or start a blog and share their experiences; struggles; and, if they want, what they had for breakfast. Social media platforms may be misused, but they are also an essential part of gen-Zers’ lives. Most people of the gen Z era can tweet in their sleep and teach anyone how to post a photo. Yes, some of the information shared online can me meaningless or hilarious, depending on how you look at it, but it can also be life changing. The support that people can gain from the abundant access to information make people feel less alone. Thus, online communities can be an outlet and an opportunity to connect.

Topics like race, gender, sexuality and mental illness seemed to never be talked about by past generations. But now there is a rise of young people spreading awareness and informing themselves independently. This generation is taking action by leading marches, sharing artwork and crafting campaigns to shatter the glass ceiling. And that is what Gen Z is going to do: they are going to use the tools they have and the unique perspectives they gain from technology to change the world. And they’re doing it right now. Look around, it is already happening.

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Kendall Sommers is a freshman day student from Southborough, Massachusetts. She runs cross-country and will be trying squash and crew this year. She is also a tour guide and participates in Students for Sustainability, GSA and St. Marguerite's Partnership. She loves trying new types of writing, painting and playing with her two dogs. Kendall’s favorite thing to do is volunteer at Special Olympics and work with kids. She can’t wait to be a part of the Parkman Post and find a voice in her community.

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