Poem: In that More is What is Want

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Corporeal desire in disheveled hair

Mild optical fixtures

And early morning brunch, floor mattresses


The youth of 21st century compartica is but a series

of idealizations

Manifested in the banalities

of a less than attainable series

of transferences


Cheap penguin paperback

Lost lead pencils

Black coffee half cup

Dancing tip toe, fingers intertwined  


Postmodern cuncutation is the revolution

the youth of 21st century compartica

Convolution in an eruption of expression

But only banal platitudes remain in the sediments

Of a less than uniform hardened structure


Douve ruffled amidst midnight literature

Cheap penguin paperback

Disheveled hair held by mild optical fixture


A perpetual myopia through which the youth of 21st century compartica subsists

Hunger amidst rich literary feast

Is that the diagnosis of this compartica

This ruffian population

Starved on a somber irony


If only to catch myself at my tangled feet

The tangled fingers and toes once tipped twice in a frenzy

A laughing arena through which one trips twice on hardened structure

About the author

June Hyunjoo Seong is a V former that is currently residing in Southborough, Massachusetts. She is originally from Seoul, South Korea. She is attending St. Mark’s School. Not only does she pursue team-based physical activities such as being a member of the SM Girl’s Soccer team, playing squash, and coxing, but academic pursuits ranging from a deep passion in cultural anthropology, and philosophy, to working with youth through the SM Lego League. She is considering pursuing cultural anthropology and philosophy in college. June enjoys reading, jazzing on the electric violin, empathising, and living with gusto. She is currently the Public Relations Officer of the Global Youth Institute, Head of the Mindfulness Club, member of the St. Mark’s Fourth Form Lion Term Committee, and the Editor of The Tavern.

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