Slam Poem: This Is Our President

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On August 12, everything changed.

To fight the fight was no longer just to fight the right

It became less of an ideological war and more of a public duty

Not only to advocate, but also to unite against hate

On August 12th, the resistance changed

To a movement will fight

the nomination of Jeff Sessions, the defense of oppression

State-sponsored hate 

And until it abates we will not wait

Idly by


On August 12th, it all made sense.

When in July he joked to a group of cops to be harsher to those they are arresting

An indifference to systematic lynching of blacks

Whose only crime was their skin color

It finally made sense

When white nationalists came to Charlottesville to peddle hate

Despite those who stood for tolerance against anti Semitic lies, Trump blamed both sides.


There were some very fine people on both sides, he said.

Even on the side that shouted “Jews will not replace us”

But in the wake of the kneeling he attacked the strong black

Men who kneeled for the anthem

Those who dared to exercise their constitutional right

To fight against systematic oppression of African Americans

They were “sons of bitches”, he said

And the fact that he attacked the right to protest is one thing

But when those protesting for hate and a white ethnostate

Are quote unquote fine people in the eyes of our president

We have a problem.


Nuclear war, rising student loans, economic inequality, gerrymandering

All deserve our attention

But as defenders of liberty, as soldiers against hate

We must forget our ideological schisms

And stand against racism

Because the dissolution of our constitution is imminent.


When our president refuses to condemn such racialized hate

To appease a group of people who hardly make up his constituency

It’s hard to deny that our president is a bigot

When he pardons a sheriff who refused

To stop profiling Latinos we know society’s infused

With toxic prejudice enabled by our president

Promoting a police state, peddling sheer hate, as discrimination perpetuates

This is our president.


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About the author

Matt Walsh is a VI Form day student from Southborough, Massachusetts. He edits for LEO, leads Openly Secular, plays trumpet, and leads the young Democrats club. Matt is a hot sauce connoisseur, and he loves Tabasco. His academic interests include public policy, political science, and chemistry, and he plays baseball and runs cross country. In his free time, he gets outraged about Trump.

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