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Based on his previous statements regarding climate regulation, the general consensus is that Donald J. Trump will to leave the Paris Climate Accord. If the United States does withdraw, they will be joining Syria and Nicaragua as the only countries to not partake in the agreement. President Trump made many remarks during his campaign that showed his derision towards global agreements and climate change. With the radical downsizing of the EPA, concerns are ever so growing about what Trump will do next. The United States emits the most carbon dioxide per capita in the world, and the rumors circulating around the Paris Climate Accord reveal that Trump neither cares nor understands what climate change is. However, some countries have stated that they will continue to comply with the guidelines of the agreement regardless of Donald Trump’s decision.

Angela Merkel stated that Germany can no longer “rely” on the United States and said that Europe has to be prepared to take full responsibility of their fate. Many G7 leaders blamed the United States (particularly Donald Trump) about the failure to reach an agreement for climate change. Additionally, the United States was the only country to withhold from the talks at the G7 summit. India has also stated that it would remain in the Paris Accord even if the United States withdrew from the talks. More recently China publicly told President Trump that there is a “global responsibility” to take action against climate change.

Donald Trump plans to decide whether the United States will remain in the talks, however, there are reports stating that he expressed his opinions on leaving the talks to the head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt. With these rumors, and Trump’s history of bad-mouthing global agreements and climate change, there is a clear possibility that the United States will withdraw from the talks. Doing so would allow for the United States to keep its coal production (or even increase it), and it will allow for the United States to be able to burn fossil fuels free of regulation. Since President Trump has been trying to revive the coal mining industry, withdrawing from the Paris Accord will allow them coal industry to grow. However, even if the United States withdraws, the economy has already moved away from the coal industry and towards clean energy. California has ventured to say that they will be picking up the slack by instating their own regulations if Donald Trump decides to leave the Paris Accord. Elon Musk has even gone as far as saying that he will resign from his White House council is President Trump withdraws from Paris Climate Deal.

There are many leaders who have stated multiple times that they will be willing to move forward with instituting the policies agreed upon in the accord, whether the United States decides to or not. Nonetheless, a United States withdrawal will alter the global mood regarding climate change.





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