NCAA Basketball: Beginning of Season Bracketology



1 Duke

16 Fairleigh Dickinson Knights/ Norfolk State Spartans

8 Georgetown

9 NC State


12 Akron

4 Iowa State

13 Vanderbilt

6 Texas

11 Monmouth

3 Louisville

14 Florida Gulf Coast

7 Texas A&M

10 Ohio State

2 Virginia

15 Belmont

Final Four Prediction: The team going to the Final Four in the East will be the #1 Seed Duke who have talent in their freshman recruits, Harry Giles, Jayson Tatum, and Frank Jackson, as well as star returner Grayson Allen.


1 Villanova

16 Howard/ Weber State


9 San Diego State

5 Gonzaga

12 UAB

4 West Virginia

13 Georgia

6 Florida

11 Colorado/ Notre Dame

3 Xavier

14 Chattanooga

7 Dayton

10 Princeton

2 Wisconsin

15 Winthrop

Final Four Prediction: The team going to the Final Four in the West will be #2 seed Wisconsin with their star Nigel Hayes, and a lot of depth in their lineup.


1 Oregon

16 Texas Southern/ Wagner

8 Baylor

9 Butler

5 Purdue

12 USC

4 Michigan State

13 Marquette

6 Maryland

11 UNC Wilmington

3 Indiana

14 South Dakota State

7 Saint Mary’s

10 SMU

2 Arizona

15 Stephen F. Austin

Final Four Prediction: The team going to the Final Four from the Midwest will be #3 seed Indiana because most of their players from last year are returning, and star talent James Blackmon Jr and Thomas Bryant can carry them far.


1 Kentucky

16 Lehigh

8 Wichita State

9 California

5 Cincinnati

12 UT-Arlington/ BYU

4 Rhode Island

13 Arkansas

6 Creighton

11 Oklahoma

3 Seton Hall

14 Washington

7 Miami

10 Michigan

2 North Carolina

15 Valparaiso

Final Four Prediction: The team going to the final four from the South will be #1 seed Kentucky, because of their stacked lineup of new freshman including Malik Monk and De’Aaron Fox.

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  1. John roberts

    I agree with some of you decisions. Only thing is if you look at the Texas longhorns they are the team you don’t want to face in march. All though they lost key seniors last year there line is stacked with freshman with players like jarret Allen and Jacob young. My money is on then to win it all. Shaka smart has something up his sleeve this year. Greatest college basketball coach of all time. Let’s get ittttt #longhornnantion baby #soonerssuck #big12isbetterthenacc #dukesfreshmanfakeinjuries!!!!!

    • Bill Williams

      I highly disagree with you John. Texas cannot even win the Big 12, let alone win a game against a very subpar team in UT Arlington. Texas is trash, the numbers say it all. #boomer

      • John Roberts

        Hey bill. Although I respect your opinion, i would have to disagree with you. Although Texas has looked very shaky in some parts of the season, there have been great sparks. If this very young team can learn to be consistent they will be the team to beat in march. they had had some bad results and good results. Their game against Michigan will be the turning point in their season if they win. Also boomers refer to Oklahoma. You guys had a good season last year, but when your face of the program (Lattin) flops during games it’s not good for the program.

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