Someone Hacked The CIA…

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Someone actually tried to hack the CIA. This is no mastermind according to the New York Post. They said he was a “stoner in high school”. Not only is he in high school, he is sixteen! That could be me a year ago, but I guarantee you, I do not have the ability to hack into the CIA. You may expect this student to be from somewhere that is hostile towards the United States, but he is not. He lives in the United Kingdom! Some of you may have heard of his actions in October, but I personally did not. He was arrested Tuesday, February 12, 2016 for hacking into John Brennan’s email. John Brennan is the director of the CIA currently. It is reported that the hacker is against the United States’ foreign policy and feels sympathy toward the Palestinians. He is probably like many people that criticize certain policies The United States have established. However, most of those people would not hack the CIA. Apparently, his method was that he tricked Verizon into allowing him access to the CIA director’s email. He fooled Verizon into a forced reset password function allowing him to get access to the email. He then exposed about twenty people affiliated with the director and obtained social security information. This “stoner” also hacked the Director of Homeland Security’s voicemail, and there is not much information on that as I am writing this.

How is this relevant? The CIA may be sneaky and cover up many horrible actions they have done, but, they protect the United States. Not everything is done by the book necessarily. What is worrisome is all the cyber-terrorism happening lately. You can check out Joey’s article on the group Anonymous and get some insight on what they do. Another group, Lizard Squad, had a major attack on Microsoft and Sony. Not to mention the allegations of the Chinese government using US corporations to extrapolate information about the United States. Somebody can sit behind a computer and have so much power. Is this how terrorism is evolving? A cyber-criminal can expose high valued assets endangering millions of people. They don’t need to pull the trigger, have weapon training, plant a bomb, crash a plane; they just need their computer. Scary…



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Mike Alfieri is a 17 year-old student and a member of the class of 2017 at St. Mark’s. He has lived in Mendon, Massachusetts his whole life. He took advantage of the opportunity of going to private school to better himself and others. Mike has always had his mind set on one thing, business. He has a considerably large entrepreneurial attitude and approach. Whether it be investing, finance, commercial real-estate or international business, Mike takes great interest. He is fascinated with European culture and society from taking AP European History. Currently, Mike plays golf at St. Mark’s and is the leader of a fundraiser he created to raise money for the End Hunger New England organization. He hosted an event at St. Mark’s where the students and faculty packaged 13,000 meals to feed the hungry all around New England. Mike was elected Head Monitor in April of 2016 for his Senior Year. He holds leadership in the group of Monitors that are the school's representatives.

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