About Us

The Parkman Post is a blog founded and run by driven, passionate students based out of St. Mark’s School in Southborough, MA. Launched in January 2016, we write about the most consequential issues of the day, covering politics, business, health, science and technology, the environment, culture and the arts, and more. We publish monthly in a magazine format.

Our Mission

The Parkman Post is a not meant to report the latest, breaking news. Rather, our purpose is to provide nuanced commentary on the world’s most pressing issues and events by drawing on the diverse minds of our contributors. The Parkman Post emphasizes ideological diversity, editorial journalism, and thorough analytical thinking. We are committed to in-depth research and the pursuit of truth.

Our Writing Philosophy

Parkman Post contributors research and synthesize information from many reputable sources to craft our articles. In its writing, the Parkman Post stresses analytical and reflective thinking. Each article of the Parkman Post is intended to address all aspects of a topic, evaluate both sides of the issue, and carefully express our opinions. In doing so, we hope to introduce a unique view point to our readers or challenge their preconceived notions.