As the year is slowly coming to an end, Mother Nature is not slowing down the creation of natural disasters. Natural disasters strikes are scattered across the globe and heavily impact diverse sets of people. The top ten countries who are prone to natural disasters are depicted below. As one can observe, natural catastrophes are apparent worldwide.


Recently, a massive earthquake struck Japan along the Fukushima coastline. This colossal quake measured in at a 7.4 magnitude on the Richter scale. If this does not sound familiar to you, I would be surprised. One may recall the savage earthquake that struck Japan back in 2011. The earthquake that hit Japan in 2011 measured in at a 9.0 magnitude and hit the exact area as this one. The earthquake and tsunami combo unleashed in the memorable 2011 of Japan killed more than 20,000 people and triggered a meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. After recovering from the 2011 earthquake, citizens were shocked to see all their efforts go to waste as another earthquake hit in the exact same location. Below is a picture of the earthquake that struck Japan in 2011.


Today, Japan urgently issued a tsunami warning, but later on called it off. This earthquake left an abundant amount of people homeless, injured, and shaken. Most importantly, this devastating earthquake will affect Japan in the future. The area of Fukushima may be affected by radiation as nuclear plants may be affected along the coast. If radiation is leaked from the Fukushima power plant, people will most likely encounter deadly health issues. Residents have fled for higher ground due to this powerful earthquake off the northeast Japanese shore. The earthquake was very powerful as people in Tokyo claimed to feel small aftershocks.


This earthquake will claim the lives of many and may profoundly impact Japan’s domestic stock market. Many industries in Japan will be affected and a significant amount of money must be allocated towards the rebuilding of Fukushima. Natural disasters have a great toll on the whole entire globe and it is important that countries rally together to support one another in times of hardship.