On Tuesday, Senator Cruz decided to opt out of the Republican Primary race. This occurred after Donald Trump’s decisive win in Indiana. Cruz in his farewell speech stated, “I said I would continue on as long as there was a viable pass to victory. It appears that path has been foreclosed.” Cruz only had half the amount of delegates of Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Trump and Kasich were the last men standing in the Republican nominee race. However, the next morning John Kasich dropped out of the race as well. Trump acknowledged the efforts of Cruz and Kasich saying that they put up a great fight. So now where does that leave the GOP? Well, an outsider named Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for president. What does this mean though? This means that the Republican party nominee will not be a politician instead a notorious businessman. Trump is the lone survivor who has the hard task of unifying the party. Will he be able to do it?



Now on to the Democratic party. Clinton and Sanders have battled for several months and edged out a couple of contenders. As for now, Hillary Clinton is the frontrunner in the polls with almost two times more delegates than Bernie Sanders. You may wonder why Sanders is still in the race due to his very low chance of becoming the democratic nominee? Sanders may be trying to create ways between the democratic party and spreading his agenda. If Clinton ever gets indicted he will be the only one standing. Additionally, people are still politically and financially backing him which may be the main reason to why he is still running.



After the convention, the final stage of election will take place between Trump and Clinton most likely. In mid-June the two presidential nominees will square off for the head seat in the White house. As stated before, Trump’s biggest responsibility is to unite the Republican party. I believe Trump has to make some crucial moves in order to get secure Sander supporters. It will be a very intriguing fight due to the unexpected events which have occurred already. In my opinion,  debates between Clinton and Trump will be highly entertaining due to their bold personality traits. Both are not afraid to speak their minds and are highly competitive.

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