Sure, we should let all migrants into our country because we believe in freedom and liberty, well that didn’t work too well. Last year, over one million immigrants entered Europe to open arms in some countries and hostility in others. The poignant question here is, why are some countries now putting measures in place to compensate for the immense number of immigrants? Well, European countries did not expect this many immigrants so now they need to cover for the unexpected. Countries like Hungary and Slovenia put up fences from the beginning to stop the overflow of asylum-seekers. Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, and Sweden all opened their borders to the Syrian immigrants.What are asylum-seekers you may be asking yourself if you haven’t googled it already? Well, it doesn’t have to do with an asylum at all actually. Basically an asylum-seeker is an escaped migrant from Syria as an example who has not been evaluated yet so he or she does not have “refugee status”. Asylum-seekers need to be evaluated to be deemed a refugee or not, but when there is a enormous overflow of asylum-seekers, it is almost impossible to keep up with the evaluations. Not only is it time consuming, it costs money that the government didn’t necessarily prepare for. Denmark has resorted to a new “Jewelry Bill” that states Danish lawmakers can confiscate money and any valuables on asylum-seekers to pay for their expenses. That’s some crazy welfare if you ask me. Although there is a restriction on taking valuables that have “sentimental value”. This is such a broad phrase, how do we know what is sentimental? How do you prove that your grandmother gave you this necklace worth $10,000 Danish Kroner? My guess is they take that valuable because that is equivalent to $1,450 US Dollars. Denmark has always been tolerant to asylum-seekers in the past, so nothing has changed there. What the “Jewelry Bill” really shows is the desperation in Europe because of the Syrian immigrants.

Even England has been involved in this conflict. Middlesbrough, England is a town that apparently had all the doors on the asylum-seekers houses red. That doesn’t seem like a big deal until reports come across that the asylum-seekers were being abused by citizens of England. Because the doors had revealed that they were immigrants, their houses were stoned and egged. Pretty friendly welcoming from the English especially because England is not receiving as many immigrants as Italy because it is much farther away. This is just one report of a town, but there must be more than just Middlesbrough. This is actually extremely interesting, if you keep up with your England-Trump news you would know that there is a petition in England to ban Donald Trump because of his proposed temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States. It sounds slightly contradictory to express such hatred towards one man when there are immigration problems within their own country.

Let us not forget that the bulk of immigrants are entering Italy and Greece. Those countries are the most direct passage from Syria into Europe. If those two countries have the most asylum-seekers then why are problems arising in England and Denmark? Seems like a comedy of errors Europe has filmed for its countries. There will be more to come about European migration.

So let’s sum up this crazy situation in Europe. Northern European countries are resulting to suspicious tactics in welcoming Syrian asylum-seekers. Some towns in England have red doors on the houses of asylum-seekers and jewelry is being confiscated in Denmark. England’s treatment to the Syrians is less than what should be occurring. They have the least amount of Syrian migrants in Europe! Denmark has resulted in finding a way to pay for “welfare” because they suddenly noticed it may be impossible to pay for all the asylum-seekers they let into their country.

Voice your opinion, why do so many countries let in so many immigrants? Or vice versa, why do countries not let anyone seeking refuge within the border? What is your opinion towards the “Jewelry Bill”? Is it out of desperation?



Migrants traveling on a Europe freeway.



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